Tumbling and Ninja Warrior Showcase

End of Year Performance for Tumbling and Ninjas

Tumbling and Ninja Warrior Students will have an End of Year Performance at the studio. Each class will have a group picture taken after the performance. Students will come at the time below:


Date: Sunday, May 22, 2022

Location: Kristy’s Dance Academy


1:30 pm Tuesday Little Stars Tumbling (6:00-6:30) Normal Class time

2:00 pm Thursday Little Stars Tumbling Ages 3-4 (6:00-6:30) Normal Class time

2:30 pm Monday Little/Rising Stars Tumbling (7:00-7:30) Normal Class time

3:00 pm Tuesday Dazzle Tumbling (5:30-6:00) Normal Class time

3:30 pm Thursday Tumbling Ages 6-9 (7:00-7:30) Normal Class time

4:00 pm

  • Advanced Tumbling Thursday (5:00-5:30) Normal Class time
  • Thursday Sparkle Tumbling (6:30-7:00) Normal Class time


  • Thursday Tumbling (7:30-8:00) Normal Class time
  • Thursday Emerald/Ruby Tumbling (5:30-6:00) Normal Class time

5:00 pm Monday Ninja Warrior Ages 4-6 (5:30-6:00) Normal Class time

5:30 pm Monday Ninja Warrior Camp ages 7-12 (6:00-6:30) Normal Class time

6:00 pm Tuesday Ninja Warrior (7:00-7:30) Normal Class time


Children will demonstrate their skills, then receive an award for participating and have a group picture taken. They will wear leotard with KDA t-shirt (will receive the week before) and black shorts/pants for tumbling. Ninjas will wear the KDA t-shirt (will receive the week before), black shorts/pants, and tennis shoes with tread. This event will be held at the studio. Please do not arrive and come in until your scheduled time because other classes will be performing.