Dance Gear

Our products are premium quality below standard retail for your convenience.  All items we sale are acceptable for the Dress Code. Leotards do not have to be purchased through the studio, but are available for your convenience.

Dress Code by Class/Age Division

  • DISCOVERY: Classic Pink Stretch Ballet Shoes, Tights, Leotard
  • DAZZLE: Lyrical Slipper, Dark Tan u-Shell Tap Shoes, Tights, Leotard
  • SPARKLE: Lyrical Slipper, Dark Tan u-Shell Tap Shoes,  Tights, Leotard
  • RUBY: Lyrical Slipper, Black JT Intro Tap Shoes, Tights, Leotard
  • DIAMOND: Lyrical Slipper, Black JT Intro Tap Shoes acceptable but Premium Black Jazz/Tap Shoes recommended, Tights, Leotard for Ballet, 2 piece outfits acceptable for other classes.
  • TUMBLING: Leotard and open foot/stirrup Tights. No Shoes required
  • MALES: Solid Color t-Shirt, Solid Color pants or shorts: Lyrical Slipper, Black JT Intro Tap Shoes


  • Tank Leotard: $20.00
  • Short Sleeve Leotard: $20.00
  • Leotard with Attached Skirt: $24.00
  • Leotard with Adjustable Straps: $26.00
  • Strappy Mesh High Neck Tank: $26.00
  • Strappy Mesh Tank: $26.00
  • Dance Skirt: $12.00
  • Dance Shorts (in-stock): $10.00
  • Dance Shorts (Order): $15.00
  • Lyrical Slipper (jazz and ballet): $22.00
  • Tap Shoes for Dazzle, Sparkle, Emerald, and Ruby: $32.00
  • Tap Shoes for Diamond: $56.00