2022-2023 Carnival of Dance

Pictures for 2022-2023 will remain on website until May 2024 then they will be removed to make room for the Movie Mania Showcase pictures.

Carnival Of Dance

Cotton Candy Sky

Circus Lullaby

Circus Magic

Get Your Popcorn

Riding A Carousel

Circus Parade


When You’re Good To Mama

The Face

We’re Spinning Like A Carousel

A Million Dreams

Something Stronger

I Am Cute

You Are The Magic


Circus Magic


Gimme Gimme


Airborne Ranger

Clumsy Clown



No Limits

Magic Happens

When She Hears A Carousel

Finale for Showcase One

Performance One

ClassDayStart TimeTeacher/PerformerPerformance Song
KDA Team – Production  Kristy NeelyCarnival of Dance
Discovery-TuesdayTuesday6:30 PMMichelle UpchurchCotton Candy Sky
Discovery Ages 2-3Thursday5:00 PMMichelle UpchurchCircus Lullaby
Intermission / Break   Discovery Awards
Dazzle/Sparkle TapMonday5:30 PMMichelle UpchurchCircus Magic
Dazzle Jazz-TuesdayTuesday5:30 PMKristy NeelyGet Your Popcorn
KDA Team – Petite Lyrical  Kristy NeelyRiding a Carousel
Sparkle TapThursday5:30 PMMichelle UpchurchCircus Parade
Solo  SierraMercy
Solo  Aubree D.Loved by You
Solo  HopeThe Face
Dazzle/Sparkle Ballet-MondayMonday6:00 PMKristy NeelyWe’re Spinning Like a Carousel
Dazzle Ballet-TuesdayTuesday6:00 PMMichelle UpchurchA Million Dreams
Trio  Carys, Stella, and ZoeSomething Stronger
Solo  GiulianaI am Cute
Sparkle BalletThursday6:00 PMKristy NeelyYou are the Magic
Solo  EddieStarlord
Dazzle/Sparkle Jazz-MondayMonday7:00 PMMichelle UpchurchCircus Magic
KDA Team – Senior Lyrical  Kristy NeelyBreathe
Solo  AddisonGimme Gimme
Solo  StellaTightrope
Solo  GraceeAirborne Ranger
Dazzle TapTuesday7:00 PMMichelle UpchurchClumsy Clown
Solo TBDCarysFreddy
Duet TBDAddison and SierraSisters
Junior Miss Dance 2023  ZoeNo Limits
Sparkle JazzThursday6:30 PMMichelle UpchurchMagic Happens
KDA Team – RhinestonesThursday7:00 PMKristy NeelyWhen She hears a Carousel
Finale TBD Finale

Welcome To The Show

Let Your Heart Sing

Live Your Story

The Greatest Show

Peace In Christ

The Carousel Waltz


The Dance You Do


Some Call It Magic

Black Magic

1920’s Carousel Organ

Muddy Waters

We Dance

It’s Carnival Time

Look At Me

Circus Fantasy

Bird Set Free

You Belong With Me

Join The Circus

Never Let Me Go

Loved By You


Finale for Showcase Two

Performance Two

Class NameDayTimeTeacher/PerformerPerformance Song
KDA Team – Production  Kristy NeelyCarnival of Dance
Emerald Jazz-MondayMonday7:00 PMKristy NeelyWelcome To The Show
Solo  AmbellinaLet Your Heart Sing
Solo  Aubree MLive Your Story
Diamond TapMonday6:00 PMMichelle UpchurchThe Greatest Show
Solo  PresleyPeace in Christ
Ruby BalletTuesday6:00 PMKristy NeelyThe Carousel Waltz
Solo  RilynnRoar
Solo  AdleeThe Dance You do
Diamond BalletMonday6:30 PMCandice DimmetteCircus Ballerina
Emerald Tap-MondayMonday7:30 PMMichelle UpchurchSome Call it Magic
Ruby JazzTuesday7:00 PMKristy NeelyBlack Magic
Rhinestone BalletThursday5:30 PMKristy NeelyThe butterfly Circus
KDA Team – Contemporary  Kristy NeelyMuddy Waters
Solo  BellaWe Dance
Ruby Tap-TuesdayTuesday5:30 PMMichelle UpchurchIt’s Carnival Time
Solo  BrookeLook at Me
Emerald Ballet-MondayMonday6:30 PMKristy NeelyCircus Fantasy
Junior Miss Dance 2023  ZoeBird Set Free
Trio  Gracee, Addison and EddieYou Belong with me
Rhinestone TapThursday6:00 PMMichelle UpchurchJoin the Circus
Solo  Aubrey K.Never let me go
Solo  Aubree D.When you’re Good to Mama
Hip Hop Ages 8 and upTuesday5:00 PMHope HolbrookPopcorn
Finale  All DancersFinale