Showcase Information

Showcase Information

Dixon Auditorium Elkin High School
334 Elk Spur Street
Elkin, NC 28621

Ticket Information

Tickets will be sold for recital – $5.00.  Tickets go sale May 4th!

Each family will receive a code to stream the showcase video!

Saturday May 16th 2020 Dancing Around The World

12:00 – Solo Showcase
1:00 – Tumbling Around The World Showcase
2:00 – Dancing Around The World Showcase

We will have intermission halfway through the showcase. During this time, we will bring our Discovery, Dazzle, and Monday Razzle Dazzle on stage to receive their trophies. You are welcome to stay for the remainder of the showcase, but we understand that our younger ones are not always able to stay for the entire show.

Solos Arrival Time: Between 11: 15-11:30

Tumbling Arrival time: 12:30

All Dancers except Discovery Arrival Time: 1:30

Discovery: 1:45 (Discovery will watch the dance until dance #11 Lay by me and bring them back stage after that dance)

Please come dressed and ready for your first dance

If you do not have a dance in the first part of the showcase then Watch the showcase and come back stage during the intermission.

Discovery, Dazzle, & Sparkle (Have shoes in a Ziploc bag with name on shoes and bag. Have garment bag for accessories and tutu with name on everything) If they are in combo classes then they will wear tap shoes, then ballet, and finally jazz. We will have staff on hand to assist with changing shoes and accessories.

Bring all accessories and we will take care of them and make sure everyone is the same.


GIRLS Hair & Make-Up

Hair: low ponytail in back with part on the left side over your heart. Bangs should be pulled back to not be in your face. Use Hair Spray or Gel Spray to make sure hair stays. If cannot do ponytail due to length, can do a half up and half down or if too short be sure it’s out of your face.

  • Check out the pictures and videos for assistance. Click Here

Make up:  Foundation that matches your skin. Eye shadow – use natural colors tan and browns look great, nothing bold, earth tone colors work best.  Use black eye liner on top and bottom and black mascara. Lip stick mauve or roses color looks great.

BOYS as you are…be sure hair is out of the face


DISCOVERY– Your child will stay backstage with us until intermission and we will bring them on stage again for their trophies. Following intermission we will then release you child to you.

12:00 Solo and Duets Showcase

  1. Addison and Sierra duet- Flashlight
  2. Lacey Solo- Kick your heels up
  3. Molly Senior Solo
  4. Bella Solo- Tiny Dancer
  5. Stella Solo- Baby June-Jazz
  6. Aspen Solo-The Glow
  7. Addison Solo- Stupid Cupid
  8. Gracee Solo You, Me, and the Beat
  9. Kalyca Solo- Can’t Keep My Hands to Myself
  10. Hope Solo-Ashes-Lyrical
  11.  Sierra Solo-City on Fire
  12.  Aubrey Solo- Whole New World
  13.  Haileigh Solo- Genie in the Bottle
  14.  Kaileigh Solo- All I Want
  15.  Jada Solo- Momma’s Broken Heart
  16.  Zoe and Molly Duet-Dream

1:00 Tumbling Showcase

  1. Chaos in Gotham- Monday Boys Tumbling – 5:00-5:30
  2. Life is A High Way-Monday POM Cheer Dance – 6:30-7:30
  3. Lost In Japan- Tuesday Shooting Stars Tumbling – 6:00-7:00
  4. On Top of the World- Thursday Rising Stars Tumbling – 5:30-6:00
  5. Jet Airliner- Tuesday Boys Tumbling – 5:30-6:00
  6. Locomotion- Tuesday Little/Rising Stars Tumbling – 7:00-7:30
  7. Party in The USA- Thursday Shooting Stars Tumbling – 6:30-7:30
  8. Around The World- Monday Advance Tumbling – 4:30-5:00
  9. Hawaiian Roller Coaster- Little/Rising Stars Tumbling – 7:00-7:30
  10. Take You To Rio- Thursday Little Stars Tumbling – 6:00-6:30
  11. Waka Waka-Monday Advanced Tumbling – 5:30-6:30

2:00 Dance Showcase

  1. Oklahoma – Full Competition Team
  2. Kokomo- Razzle Dazzle Tap A Mondays 5:30 – Morgan T
  3. Ireland- Dazzle Tap Tuesday – 6:00 – Michelle
  4. Pompeii- Petite Lyrical Team
  5. Where Have You Been- Competition Tap
  6. Senior Solo – Kalyca
  7. All Around the World- Girls Hip Hop Thursday – 7:30- Kristy
  8. Almost There- Razzle Dazzle Ballet A Monday – 6:00- Morgan T
  9. Carolina- Dazzle Ballet B Tuesday – 5:30- Kristy
  10. Stop at The Candy Shoppe- Mini Jazz Team
  11. Lay by me- Team
  12. Miami- Boys Hip Hop Tuesday 5:00- Molly
  13. Inner Demons-Team
  14. Fabulous Life- Petite Jazz Team
  15. She use to be mine-Aubree Solo – Jr Miss Dance USA
  16. If You Only Knew- Molly – Senior Solo
  17. On My Way- Discovery A & B Tuesday and Thursday Classes – Michelle
  18. Route 66- Razzle Dazzle Jazz A Monday – 6:30 – Morgan
  19. Road Tripping with my Friends – Razzle Dazzle Jazz B Tuesday – 6:30- Michelle
  20. Los Angeles- Teen Competition Team

Intermission  10 min—Awards for Discovery, Dazzle and Monday Razzle Dazzle

  1. Beyond The Sea- Ruby Jazz Thursday-  6:30- Kristy
  2. Desert Symphony- Pointe- Kristy
  3. Buckle up- Sparkle Jazz D Thursday – 5:00- Kristy
  4. Jar of Hearts- Sarah Senior Solo
  5. On An Evening In Rome- Ruby Ballet Thursday – 5:30- Kristy
  6. Journey to Peru-Sparkle Ballet D Thursday – 4:30- Kristy
  7. Sweet Home Alabama- Diamond Tap- Michelle
  8. World Traveler- Sparkle Ballet B Thursday – 6:30- Michelle
  9. New York, New York- Ruby Tap Thursday – 7:00- Michelle
  10. Paris- Diamond Ballet- Kristy
  11. Fierce- Zoe Solo – Mini Miss Dance USA 2020
  12. Sea Cruise- Sparkle Tap C Thursday – 6:00- Michelle
  13. Traveler- Diamond Contemporary- Kristy
  14. California-Sparkle Jazz Thursday – 7:00- Kristy
  15. Don’t Stop Me Now-Special Teacher performance Carson and her Brother Jaron Nunnemaker
  16. Disney World- Mini Team- Kristy
  17. Country Roads, Takes Me Home- Diamond Jazz- Kristy