KDA Carnival of Dance Showcase

The following information is for the Dance showcase at Dixon Auditorium. For the Tumbling and Ninja Class Performance, review the schedule here.

Saturday, June 3rd, 2023

Dixon Auditorium Elkin High School
334 Elk Spur Street
Elkin, NC 28621

Performance Times

  • 12:00pm  – Performance One
  • 3:00pm – Performance Two

Arrival Times

  • 11:15 Arrival time — KDA Team Members
  • 11:30 Arrival Time – Performance One except for Discovery Dancers
  • 11:45 Arrival Time – All Discovery Dancers
  • 2:30 Arrival Time – Performance Two

We encourage anyone and everyone to come as KDA Presents Carnival of Dance. Tickets are not required but we will be accepting donations at the door.

Costumes, Hair, and Makeup


  • Arrive: Dressed in Costume and Tights with hair and makeup done.
  • Accessories: Please bring all accessories that come with the Costume in a bag we will take care of them and make sure they are put on correctly. This way you don’t have to worry if they are correct, we will take care of that for you!
  • Shoes: Please bring in all shoes in a clear zip lock bag with your child’s name on it.
  • Make sure name is on all shoes, costume, and costume pieces.


  • Low ponytail parted in the middle.
  • Use hair ties that blend with your hair color.
  • Spray all lose hairs down. If you have bangs make sure to pin them back.
  • If you cannot do ponytail due to length, you can do a half up and half down. If too short for either, just be sure it’s out of your face.


  • Foundation that matches your skin.
  • Eye shadow – use natural colors. Tan and browns look great, nothing bold, earth tone colors work best.
  • Use black eye liner on top and bottom with black mascara.
  • Lip stick – mauve or roses color looks great. A great lip options is Cover Girl outlast all day lips- Wine to five

 Showcase Important Information

  • Check in at the purple curtain at the side of the auditorium lobby. Please only send one person back for drop off and pick up. This will help prevent overcrowding backstage. No males behind the purple curtain as this is a dressing area. We have adults assigned to stay with each group during the performance.
  • Discovery Dancers can be picked up right after their performance and awards on Stage. Discovery dancers are not required to stay until the finale but are welcome to stay if they like to enjoy the performances.
  • All other dancers will stay until the finale and can be picked up on stage after we have finished.
  • All Dancers will be getting a T-Shirt. Dancers can bring a pair black shorts to wear for the finale with Recital T-Shirt and a pair of dance shoes on stage.

Performance One

Class Day Start Time Teacher/Performer Performance Song
KDA Team – Production Kristy Neely Carnival of Dance
Discovery-Tuesday Tuesday 6:30 PM Michelle Upchurch Cotton Candy Sky
Discovery Ages 2-3 Thursday 5:00 PM Michelle Upchurch Circus Lullaby
Intermission / Break Discovery Awards
Dazzle/Sparkle Tap Monday 5:30 PM Michelle Upchurch Circus Magic
Dazzle Jazz-Tuesday Tuesday 5:30 PM Kristy Neely Get Your Popcorn
KDA Team – Petite Lyrical Kristy Neely Riding a Carousel
Sparkle Tap Thursday 5:30 PM Michelle Upchurch Circus Parade
Solo Sierra Mercy
Solo Aubree D. Loved by You
Solo Hope The Face
Dazzle/Sparkle Ballet-Monday Monday 6:00 PM Kristy Neely We’re Spinning Like a Carousel
Dazzle Ballet-Tuesday Tuesday 6:00 PM Michelle Upchurch A Million Dreams
Trio Carys, Stella, and Zoe Something Stronger
Solo Giuliana I am Cute
Sparkle Ballet Thursday 6:00 PM Kristy Neely You are the Magic
Solo Eddie Starlord
Dazzle/Sparkle Jazz-Monday Monday 7:00 PM Michelle Upchurch Circus Magic
KDA Team – Senior Lyrical Kristy Neely Breathe
Solo Addison Gimme Gimme
Solo Stella Tightrope
Solo Gracee Airborne Ranger
Dazzle Tap Tuesday 7:00 PM Michelle Upchurch Clumsy Clown
Solo TBD Carys Freddy
Duet TBD Addison and Sierra Sisters
Junior Miss Dance 2023 Zoe No Limits
Sparkle Jazz Thursday 6:30 PM Michelle Upchurch Magic Happens
KDA Team – Rhinestones Thursday 7:00 PM Kristy Neely When She hears a Carousel
Finale TBD Finale

Performance Two

Class Name Day Time Teacher/Performer Performance Song
KDA Team – Production Kristy Neely Carnival of Dance
Emerald Jazz-Monday Monday 7:00 PM Kristy Neely Welcome To The Show
Solo Ambellina Let Your Heart Sing
Solo Aubree M Live Your Story
Diamond Tap Monday 6:00 PM Michelle Upchurch The Greatest Show
Solo Presley Peace in Christ
Ruby Ballet Tuesday 6:00 PM Kristy Neely The Carousel Waltz
Solo Rilynn Roar
Solo Adlee The Dance You do
Diamond Ballet Monday 6:30 PM Candice Dimmette Circus Ballerina
Emerald Tap-Monday Monday 7:30 PM Michelle Upchurch Some Call it Magic
Ruby Jazz Tuesday 7:00 PM Kristy Neely Black Magic
Rhinestone Ballet Thursday 5:30 PM Kristy Neely The butterfly Circus
KDA Team – Contemporary Kristy Neely Muddy Waters
Solo Bella We Dance
Ruby Tap-Tuesday Tuesday 5:30 PM Michelle Upchurch It’s Carnival Time
Solo Brooke Look at Me
Emerald Ballet-Monday Monday 6:30 PM Kristy Neely Circus Fantasy
Junior Miss Dance 2023 Zoe Bird Set Free
Trio Gracee, Addison and Eddie You Belong with me
Rhinestone Tap Thursday 6:00 PM Michelle Upchurch Join the Circus
Solo Aubrey K. Never let me go
Solo Aubree D. When you’re Good to Mama
Hip Hop Ages 8 and up Tuesday 5:00 PM Hope Holbrook Popcorn
Finale All Dancers Finale