Kristy’s Dance Academy 2023-2024


If you choose to withdraw your student, you must notify Kristy’s Dance Academy in writing. If you notify one of the teachers, you must still follow up with an email to the office manager so that she can unenroll your child from the class(es).  You will still be responsible for tuition for the current month and each additional month until we are notified as the space is being held for your student.  

 Tuition & Fees 

Registration fee $30 per student 

Monthly Tuition for Classes 

  • 1 class per week $50/month 
  • 2 classes per week $70/month 
  • 3 classes per week $80/month 
  • 4 classes per week $90/month 
  • 5 classes per week $100/month 
  • 6 classes per week $110/month 
  • 7 classes per week $120/month 
  • 8 classes per week $130/month 
  • Unlimited classes $140/month 

Tuition is the same each month regardless of the number of weeks in a month. 

Family discount: Family tuition works the same as one student taking multiple classes. Dancers must be siblings living in the same household to receive the family discount. 

Year End Performance Fee $50 per student

Our Year End Performance date and location is May 18, 2024 at Elkin High School Dixon’s Auditorium. The Tumbling Performance is held on May 19, 2024 at Kristy’s Dance Academy.  

Each student will have a t-shirt and be awarded a trophy and/or medal at the end of the performances. You can also download the pictures from each performance from our website or Facebook page.  

Costume Fees 

A costume deposit per student of $50 is due October 1. Costume balance per student of $50 is due November 1. A combination costume will be used for Ballet, Tap, and Jazz. Costume fees cover all costs of the costume and tights for dancers, all needed accessories, and use of any props. Students that are in any of the following classes (tumbling or Ninja Warrior) will not pay a costume fee. They will perform in their KDA t-shirts at the end of year performance. They will be given out prior to the performance. A Hip Hop costume will be determined in the fall and an email will be sent out regarding the cost.  

General Policies 

  • Upon registration each family must have a credit card on file. For those not wishing to have auto-payments, the card will only be used in the event of overdue charges. 
  • Tuition and account balances must be up-to-date and paid at the beginning of each month. An account is overdue if no payment is made by the 15th. An email reminder will be sent. If no payment is made, payment will be drawn from the card on file. If the transaction fails, a penalty charge of $15 will be added to the account and payment must be made before the next class. In the event of delinquent accounts, we reserve the right to remove a student from our rosters. In difficult situations, arrangements can be discussed with the office staff.  
  • Tuition is the same each month regardless of the number of weeks in a month or student absences. 
  • In the event of inclement weather, refer to our website, our Facebook page, or Instagram for closing updates. Make-up classes will be at the program’s convenience. 
  • Please check out our website We have an About Us section that introduces the staff. We also have a Frequently Asked Questions section that answers a lot of questions for that first time dancer and parent as well as our returning students and parents.  
  • Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook. We post pictures and information throughout the season.