KDA Movie Mania

Saturday, May 18th Movie Mania Showcase
Dixon Auditorium Elkin High School 334 Elk Spur Street
Elkin, NC 28621
Mean Bean Graphix is going to have KDA Stuffed animals, Tshirts, Tumblers Backpacks, belt bags and
more for sale on Saturday along with sweet treats and snacks available for purchase.
No Food or drinks in the Auditorium; food and drinks must stay in the lobby

Performance Times
● 12:00pm – Performance One ( Dazzle, Sparkle, Emerald, Gemstones and Team- 11:30 Arrival)
(Discovery- 11:45 Arrival)
● 3:00pm – Performance Two (Ruby, Rhinestone, Diamond and Team) 2:30 Arrival

Arrival Times
● 11:15 Arrival time — KDA Team Members
● 11:30 Arrival Time – Performance One except for Discovery Dancers
● 11:45 Arrival Time – All Discovery Dancers
● 2:30 Arrival Time – Performance Two
We encourage anyone and everyone to come as KDA Presents Movie Mania. Free admission.
Costumes, Hair, and Makeup
● Arrive: Dressed in Costume and Tights with hair and makeup done.
● Accessories: Please bring all accessories that come with the costume in a bag. We will take care
of them and make sure they are put on correctly. This way you don’t have to worry if they are
correct, we will take care of that for you!
● Shoes: Please bring in all shoes in a clear zip lock bag with your child’s name on it.
● Make sure your child’s name is on all shoes, costume, and costume pieces.
● Low ponytail parted in the middle.
● Use hair ties that blend with your hair color.
● Spray all loose hairs down. If you have bangs make sure to pin them back.

● If you cannot do a ponytail due to length, you can do a half up and half down. If too short
for either, just be sure it’s out of your face.
● Foundation that matches your skin.
● Eye shadow – use natural colors. Tan and browns look great, nothing bold, earth tone colors work
● Use black eyeliner on top and bottom with black mascara.
● Lipstick – mauve or rose color looks great. A great lip option is CoverGirl outlast all day
lips- Wine to five
● Discovery dancers–if you can not get them to wear make-up that is fine.

Showcase Important Information
● Check in at the purple curtain (may be red this year) at the side of the auditorium lobby.
Please only send one person back for drop off and pick up. This will help prevent overcrowding in
our arrival area. No males behind the purple curtain as this is a dressing area. We have adults
assigned to stay with each group during the performance.
● Discovery Dancers can be picked up right after their performance and awards on Stage. Discovery
dancers are not required to stay until the Finale but are welcome to stay if they like to enjoy the
● All other dancers will stay until the finale and can be picked up on stage after we have
● Dancers only have to stay for the Showcase they are performing in They do not have to stay for
both Showscases.
● All Dancers will be getting a T-Shirt. Dancers can bring a pair of black shorts to wear for the
finale with Recital T-Shirt and a pair of dance shoes on stage. Our volunteers will help them
● If you are in tumbling or Ninja, you need to wear this Shirt over your leotard and black shorts
and the Showcases scheduled for May 19th and May 20th.
Full schedule is listed on the website along with all this information.