Picture Week

March 30th – April 2nd.

Preorder Pictures until March 27th. Information on Memory Makers and preordering can be found Memory Makers.

We will not have regular classes, only pictures.

Please arrive on time, ready, with hair and make-up applied, that way we can keep things moving as quickly as possible.

Times are listed below showing when the dancers should be ready for their pictures. With combo costumes place all parts of costume and shoes in a clear zip lock bag with your child’s name on it. Leave the bag in the picture room, so it will ready for the next picture. Listed below are estimated time. Pay attention to the times because as there may be a difference to the regular class time.

Please bring your child and wait in the lobby until your child is called to go back. We will also have someone in the lobby with a list, to check off names. Please make sure your child stays in the lobby, there will be no time or staff to track you down.  The plan is to have one group is in the room for their picture, then have the next group lined up and ready to go!

Accessories: Please bring all accessories that come with the Costume in a bag we will take care of them and make sure they are put on correctly. This way you don’t have to worry if they are correct we will take care of that for you!

Shoes: Please bring in all shoes when you come in the room for Combo Costume. We will go in order of their classes on how it listed below (you can have their first pair of shoes on. (Make sure name is on all shoes)

Hair:   Click Here for Hair Videos and Pictures.

Part hair over the heart on the left side and pull back into low ponytail. Have hair ties that blend with your hair color. Spray all lose hairs down. If you have bangs make sure pin back. If you cannot do ponytail due to length, can do a half up and half down or if too short be sure it’s out of your face.

Make up:  Foundation that matches your skin. Eye shadow – use natural colors tan and browns look great, nothing bold, earth tone colors work best.  Use black eye liner on top and bottom and black mascara. Lip stick mauve or roses color looks great. A great lip options is Cover Girl outlast all day lips- Wine to five

Due to limited space and time, parents will not be able to be in the room with their child while pictures are made. You will be given a proof of any individual pictures your child takes so that you can order. There will not be a proof of the group picture. Staff will be available onsite to assist with all picture orders. Payment due upon order.