Showcase Information

Spring Showcases

Saturday June 1st
Dixon Auditorium Elkin High School
334 Elk Spur Street
Elkin, NC 28621

Showcase Tickets

Showcase tickets will be for sale beginning on May 20th.  Tickets can be purchased at the studio.  Tickets can also be purchased at the door on showcase day.  Cost is $5.00 per ticket. Cash or Check only.

No ticket needed for students.

1 tickets get you in both show!

Children 8 and under will be free of charge.

Souvenir Programs will be available for purchase the day of the showcase. 

Performance Times

2:00 Performance One –Tumbling Showcase
3:00 Performance Two-Dance Showcase
5:30 Estimate Final Time

Arrival Times

1:30 Arrival time-Tumbling Showcase
2:30 Arrival Time-Dance Showcase
2:45 Arrival Time-Discovery

Hair or Make up assistance Arrival time
2:00-Dance Showcase

Costumes, Hair, and Makeup

Arrive: Dressed in Costume and Tights

Accessories: Please bring all accessories that come with the Costume in a bag. We will take care of them and make sure they are put on correctly. This way you don’t have to worry if they are correct.

Shoes: Please bring in all shoes in a clear zip-lock bag with your child’s name on it. Make sure name is on all shoes!

Hair: Please watch this tutorial on Twisted ponytail.

This hairstyle is for all classes except for Discovery and boys.  You will part the hair over the heart on the left side. Use hair ties that blend with your hair color. Spray all lose hairs down. If you have bangs make sure to pin them back. If you cannot do ponytail due to length, you can do a half up and half down. If too short for either, just be sure it’s out of your face.

Discovery Class Hair: Pull hair out of the face the best you can with half up half down or low pony Tail.

Make up: 

  • Foundation that matches your skin.
  • Eye shadow – use natural colors tan and browns look great, nothing bold, earth tone colors work best.
  • Use black eye liner on top and bottom and black mascara.
  • Lip stick mauve or roses color looks great. A great lip options is Cover Girl outlast all day lips- Wine to five

Hair and Makeup Assistance

If you would you like help with either hair or makeup the KDA Competition Team Students and Parents can help you! That way you don’t have to stress if it’s correct! This is not required, but is only an option for the ones that would like help.

This is a fundraiser opportunity for the KDA Competition Team. Costumes need to be on with button up shirt, robe or coat over top to protect it.

You can choose if you would like just hair or make up or both $15 hair, $15 Makeup or $30 for both. Cash only!

  • Team will have hair ties and hair spray
  • For Make up bring your own Foundation that matches your child skin, Eye shadow, black eye liner, black mascara, and lip stick.
  • The team Thanks all the ones that participated in this fundraiser on picture week. This was the our first time doing this fundraiser and we are looking forward to making it better!

Showcase Important Information

  • Check-in and All pick-ups will behind the purple Curtain down the steps. Please only send one person back for drop off and pick up. This keeps it from getting so crowed backstage.
  • No Men allowed beyond the purple curtain. 
  • Discovery students can be picked up right after their performance
  • Discovery is not required to stay until the final. They are welcome to come back if they would like to.
  • All Dazzle and Sparkle students are to be pick up at intermission to watch the second half
  • All Dancers will be getting a T-Shirt if you would like to bring a pair black shorts to wear for the final with Recital T-Shirt and wear a pair of dance shoes on stage
  • All Ruby’s watch the first half and come back at intermission. Be ready and lined up backstage right after intermission
  • Hip-hop classes watch the first half come back at intermission
  • All dancers that’s in the second half need to be ready during intermission. Please do not use this time to talk to the dancers
  • Diamond dancers – if you’re not in tap you can watch the first half – unless you would like to help with shoe changes for the younger ones
  • All Dazzle and Sparkle dancers come back right after “Show You Love- Chloe Caudill’s Solo” to prepare for final

Showcase Lineup

2:00 Performance One –Tumbling Showcase

  1. Imagine Dragons-Boys Tumbling- Tuesday 530pm-
  2. Baby Shark- Little Stars-Thursday 6pm
  3. High Hopes- Shooting Stars- Tuesday 6pm
  4. Johnny Johnny-  Little Stars Tumbling- Tuesday 7pm
  5. Max and Ruby-  Little Stars Tumbling- Monday 7pm
  6. Conga- Rising Stars Tumbling- Thursday 530pm
  7. Hakuna Matata- Rising Stars Tumbling- Monday 6pm
  8. Me Too- Rising /Little Stars Tumbling- Thursday 730pm
  9. Everybody Wants To Rule The World- Shooting Stars- Thursday 630pm  
  10. Rock Mix- Advance Tumbling- Monday 530pm-

3:00 Performance Two-Dance Showcase

  1. Charleston-Diamond Tap – Tuesday 6-6:30 – Michelle Upchurch
  2. Hallelujah-Sparkle Ballet B – Thursday – 6:30-7– Michelle Upchurch
  3. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star-Discovery A – Tuesday 5-5:30 & Thursday 5:30-6 Michelle Upchurch
  4. Pose     
  5. A Dream Is A Wish-Dazzle Ballet A- Monday-6-6:30-Michelle Upchurch
  6. No Roots
  7. Ballet Baby Shark- Dazzle Ballet B – Tuesday – 6-6:30 – Kristy Neely
  8. Can’t Stop The Feeling-Sparkle Tap C – Thursday – 6– 6:30pm – Michelle Upchurch
  9. Can’t Stop Dancin’-Zoe Davis
  10. The Lonely Goatherd-Sparkle Ballet A – Monday -7 -7:30-Michelle Upchurch
  11. Run to You
  12. Rockin Robin-Dazzle Tap A-Monday-5:60-6-Michelle Upchurch
  13. Rainbow Connection- Dazzle Tap B – Tuesday – 5:30 – 6– Michelle Upchurch
  14. She’s In Love
  15. Shake Your tail Feathers-Razzle Dazzle Jazz C – Thursday – 7-7:30pm – Kristy Neely
  16. Love Shack-Peyton Doby
  17. Lollipop-Sparkle Tap A – Monday – 7:30-8-Michelle Upchurch
  18. You are the reason- Aubree Dobson
  19. Your Song
  20. Ice Cream Freeze-Razzle Dazzle Jazz B – Tuesday – 6:30-7– Kristy Neely
  21. Cup of Life-Razzle Dazzle Jazz A– Monday 6:30 – 7– Michelle Upchurch
  22. Footprints in the Sand

15 minute Intermission

  1. One More time-Ruby Jazz – Thursday 6:30-7– Kristy Neely
  2. Step up- Pointe – Tuesday – 5:30-6– Kristy Neely
  3. Black or White- Sierra Crabb
  4. Fightsong- Kaileigh Buelin
  5. Summertime-Jada Bradly
  6. Jealous of the Angles- Molly Gibson
  7. Senior Solo- Savannah Collins
  8. Cupcake
  9. Wow-Boys Hip Hop – Tuesday – 5– 5:30 – Claire Grider
  10. Music Box-Ruby Ballet – Thursday – 5:45-6:30pm – Kristy Neely
  11. Potter Waltz-Diamond Ballet – Tuesday – 6:30-7:30 – Casey Wilmoth
  12. Get Your sparkle on- Addison Blaine
  13. Claire Grider Solo-Teacher
  14. Party in USA- Haileigh Brown
  15. Puttin On The Ritz-Ruby Tap – Thursday – 7-7:30 – Michelle Upchurch
  16. Ferglicous-Aubree Dobson
  17. Monsoon- Lacey King
  18. Show You Love- Chloe Caudill
  19. Happier-Hip Hop – Thursday – 7:30pm-8– Claire Grider
  20. Dance Like Nobody’s Watching – Bella Adams
  21. Gud Vibrations-Gryphon Bingham
  22. My Spot in the World- Aubrey Key
  23. Roxie-Diamond Jazz – Tuesday -7:30-8- Kristy Neely